About Me


Since I was young, I’ve always liked photography. I remember joining a press conference in elementary where journalists gather, and wishing I was the photojournalist of the school I was representing, instead of the copywriter. This became a torture for me as I went to high school. I was chosen as a feature writer, not a photojournalist. Came senior year, my passion for photography grew, doing fun shoots of my sister and my cousin using my little digital camera, my phone, and the Photoscape editing software. Fast forward to three years later, in 2013, I moved from the Philippines to Arizona. After a year, I got my first job at Walmart as a sales associate. Two weeks later, I got my first paycheck, and decided to use it to buy my first DSLR, a Nikon 3200 with the 18-55mm and 55-200mm kit lenses. From there, I started learning on my own, Google-ing and YouTube-ing everything (aka ISO-shutter speed-focal point-trio) I needed to know, including learning how to use Lightroom (and how to get free Lightroom, which was not a success). I haven’t taken any actual photography classes because I am very busy with nursing school. For now, I am fine with that.

I love taking pictures and writing, which I think were two great reasons to start this blog site. I love traveling. It has allowed me to learn a lot about different foods, cultures, the world, and mostly about myself. I love nature. The beauty of it makes me weak to my knees. It has made me cry (good cry) a lot of times. It is so so crazy to think how lucky we are to be living in this beautiful planet. I also love people. Everyone has a story to tell. I also love dogs, babies, and science. All three are fascinating.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy my stories and photographs as much as I did when they happened and when I was there taking them.


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